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Hi !

We are selling HQ watches. In market there is many kind of quality. We are categorize them 3 kind,

1) Worst
2) Middle
3) Quality

Our watches are quality. Quality replicas are categorize 2 class,
a) A+++
    Material quality is top. Working system is same as original one, quality is around %80-85 same as same original one. Price is acceptable.
b) ETA
     ETA means its same as same original one. Prices are top high, for example our watches around 160-300 usd if we sell ETA quality they are around 1.000 -3.000 usd. Mostly Jewellery stores, musicians and famous peoples are offering or buying ETA quality.

Sorry for our spelling mistakes 🙂 Because we are living in LA but we are foreigners so sometimes we can make mistake when we try to explaination.

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